WitOut: For those who aren’t familiar with Comedy Dreamz, how would you describe it?

Andrew Jeffrey Wright: Our taste is varied so we like to see art kids doing comedy and trained comedians doing comedy and musicians doing comedy and dancers doing comedy and novice comedians with new ideas. It is inclusive of sketch, stand-up, videos, dancing, short plays, stories, improv and music and probably more. It’s hosted by Rose Luardo and myself.

WO: Can you give a brief history of the show?

AJW: It started two and a half years ago because the now-art world famous Jayson Musson wanted to shoot a comedy video for a grad school project at The Barbary. The owner, John Redden, suggested Jayson start an actual comedy night. Jayson wasn’t sure he wanted to. Jayson asked if I was interested, I was, and I asked Rose if she was interested, and then her, Jayson and I hosted the first Comedy Dreamz. He never hosted again. Rose and I never stopped.

WO: I typically think of The Barbary as a place for dance parties and lots of drinking. What do you think makes it a good venue for a comedy show?

AJW: The venue is important to us because it helps bring in a lot of people who don’t normally go to comedy shows and helps expand the scene. Which is a good thing. Then after the comedy ends we have a dance party until 2am.

WO: What’s coming up for Comedy Dreamz that you’re excited about?

AJW: We are looking into New York venues right now and plan on doing the show in New York six times a year as well. Six in Philly and six in New York.

The next Comedy Dreamz is TONIGHT, December 18th at The Barbary (951 Frankford Ave.). Doors are at 9pm; comedy is 10-11:30pm; dance party is 11:31-2am. Admission is $5.