Quick tip pizza gang: Stay warm in the winter by cranking the oven up trying to make pies at home! Doughn’t be afraid to make your own pie – after some work, it will be most rewarding pizza you’ve ever tasted!

Another way to beat the cold is to get a job… at a pizzeria! I got to ham (and pineapple) it up with Nora, Sean, Peter and Eric who comprise local sketch heroes American Breakfast. They will be appearing at THE FINAL CAMP WOODS + on Thursday, December 6th at 8:30 pm We met right before one American Breakfest-er’s shift at Dominic’s in Voorhees, NJ to decimate some pies and talk about Ninja Turtles, Mary Kate and Ashley, and touching family memories. Get with it!


Pizza Pal Joe Moore: How much do you like Pizza?

Nora: A lot! Less since moving to Philadelphia. This city has terrible pizza.

Sean: If I were stranded on a desert island, I would eat pizza if I could find some.

Peter: Quite a bit.

Eric: Yes.

: What are your favorite toppings?

Nora: Cheese

Sean: Almost always plain. Occasionally tomato & basil.

Peter: Ham + Pineapple

Eric: Sausage/ham & onions


PPJM: What is your favorite pizza place in the world?

Nora: Luigi’s in Matawan, NJ—Thin crust rectangular pies.

Sean: My place of employ.

Peter: Dock Street Pizza in Baltimore.

Eric: Pizza Brain.


PPJM: What is your favorite use of pizza in Pop Culture?

Nora: Mary Kate and Ashley’s rendition of “Gimme Pizza” from one of their direct-to-video movies, slowed down until it sounds like the apocalypse.

Sean: The huge pancake scene from Uncle Buck. The large pancake sort of looks like a pizza.

Peter: The TMNT car with the pizza gun toy.

Eric: In Ninja Turtles, it served as a lesson about addiction.


PPJM: What day was Pizza Day in your house growing up?


Sean: Friday! Also, Saturday through Thursday.

Peter: It was whenever my parents didn’t want to cook. That night the dog fed like a king on crusts.

Eric: Whenever dad drank too much to be trusted with boiling water. So Wednesday.


PPJM: Tell me one fond pizza memory you have.

Nora: I black out in the presence of pizza.

Sean: For my 9th birthday, my parents threw me and my twin sister a pool party! At the time I suspected that I was adopted. I didn’t find out anything until much later, but that pool party was fun!

Peter: I remember my school had a reading program where you got a free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza for reading 10 books or something like that. I read 80 books during the program.

Eric: When mom left dad.


PPJM: Anything else you’d like to add?

Nora: Pizza for Breakfast!

Sean: I currently work at a pizza place! I deliver for Dominic’s in Voorhees, NJ.

Peter: Trader Joe’s sells pizza dough for like, $1. Get 10 of them, plus sauce and cheese, and you’ve got a party.

Eric: No anchovies ha ha ha ha ha!


Do yourself a favor and head to THE FINAL CAMP WOODS + to see American Breakfast alongside Daring Daulton, We’re Matt Weir, and Camp Woods… and be sure to leave the anchovies at home!

Also, here are some pictures American Breakfast drew for Pizza Pals:


Joe Moore is a pizza enthusiast and head writer of PHIT Sketch Team Dog Mountain.