The end of the year is a time for remembering. It is a time to think back on the past months and reflect on both the good and the bad times. The good times are to be cherished, and hopefully, the bad times can be learned from. On the internet this means it is a time for lists!

As you think back on what moments, shows, comedians, and bits stood out to you in 2012 in preparation to make your nominations for the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy (which open this Monday, November 12) take a moment to consider writing a Top Five of 2012 list. Your list can be about anything related to Philadelphia comedy (moments, comedians, groups, shows, quotes, #friendship moments, etc.) and will help us round up the past year in Philadelphia comedy. You can click here to check out some Top Five of 2011 lists for inspiration.

Top Five of 2012 lists will run throughout December, and are open to everyone both performer and comedy fan! So think about what you’d like to write about and send an email to to pitch us your idea. We (and the entire, memory-loving Philadelphia comedy community) thank you.