This week’s podcast is Comedy Film Nerds!

The podcast Comedy Film Nerds, hosted by comedians and film connoisseurs Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini, combines two of my favorite things: comedy and movies. The only thing better than hearing funny people talk about movies, is hearing funny people who know their shit talk about movies. Guests, such as Marc Maron, Jimmy Pardo and Chris Hardwick, come into the Nerd garage and talk about their favorite movies and movies currently out. This fun podcast doesn’t just stick to the classics, they review the good and the bad (yeah, and I mean Step Up Revolution). What’s awesome about the podcast is that their completely aware that movies are subjective (what a new idea)!  Although I disagree with some of their reviews (this is ‘Merica after all), Chris and Graham give thoughtful and poignant explanations about what they do and do not like about these movies. So instead of talking to your Transformers loving friends, listen to a few episodes and your sure to get your Netflix Queue full.

My top 5 Comedy Film Nerds Pickins

5. Ric Meyers

I’ve never really watched Kung Fu movies so I was pleasantly surprised about how interested I was to watch them after listening to this episode. Kung Fu film expert, Ric Meyers, sits down with Chris and Graham to talk about how you don’t want to fight someone who knows Kung Fu, The Dark Night martial arts aren’t so accurate, and the extravagance of Comic-Con. This episode will surely get you interested in the art of martial arts and kung-fu movies.

4. Jackie Kashian

This episode is just fun. Jackie Kashian, host of The Dork Forest, brings in her “DVD closet.” What I love about this episode is that it covers an array of  different movies and genres such as superhero movies, classics, comedies, and guilty pleasures. What’s great is that this episode makes you feel better about the randomness of your DVD collection; it’s OKAY to have a copy of Mr. Magoo and Robin Hood: Men In Tights and not have The Jerk, we won’t judge (okay maybe a little).

3. TJ Miller

TJ Miller is a hilarious human being. Fact. The episode covers a little bit of the 2012 Oscar nominations and holds some great rifs about movies that were currently out such as The Grey and Man on a Ledge. Also, TJ Miller has perhaps the best, and only firsthand Tom Cruise story I have ever heard. The story itself is enough to listen to the episode.

2. Doug Benson

The king of comedy and movies, Doug Benson, drops on by the garage to talk about holiday movies. The episode is full of Christmas movie bashing, victims include movies such as It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story. It’s an interesting conversation because you don’t often hear reviews about movies you’ve watched and enjoyed every year since you were a child. The guys also play the ridiculously hard Leonard Maltin game, which leaves me feeling incredibly stupid or young.

1.  Dark Knight Rises

OKAY, feel free to judge me, but yes I have chosen an episode fully dedicated to the Dark Knight Rises and #1! Here me out reader, this is a good one. I love this episode because podcasts don’t usually go into detail about movies or television shows because they don’t want to spoil it for any of the listeners, but this episode is full of spoiler awesomeness! Since Dark Knight Rises was perhaps the best movie of the year (don’t you dare deny that) the guys with guest Mike Schmidt go into detail about their likes and dislikes about the movie. What I also love about the episode is that you can really hear how much these three grown men love the Batman universe and what this trilogy has sincerely meant to them. Movies are so much more than moving image on a screen, they can really hold great importance in our lives. Great episode, great conversation.

If you to check out more, visit their website or buy their book The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies.