This week’s podcast is The Champs!

The Champs podcast consists of  Neal Brennan (co-creator of Chappelle’s Show and stand-up comedian), Moshe Kasher (author of “Kasher in the Rye” and stand-up comedian), and DJ Douggpound. The episodes, which primarily feature African American guests, consist of Doug dropping sound effects and beats while Neal and Moshe host the show/interview. Guests of the show have ranged from actor/comedians Wayne Brady to David Alan Grier.

What makes this podcast special is that The Champs is completely honest and ready to talk about things that would make most people feel incredibly awkward or uncomfortable. The chemistry between Moshe, Neal, and Doug is undeniably funny and makes for some good podcast listenin.



My top 5 The Champs Pickins

5. Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress is most commonly known as the modern, black Mitch Hedburg. So its no surprise that this episode is full of hilarious and interesting anecdotes such as Hannibal’s small writing stint on 30 Rock and SNL, starting stand-up, and living forever. Perhaps the best moment is Hannibal and Moshe’s story of becoming, as they call it, “eskimo brothers.” Great interview with an awesome, up-and-coming comic.

4. Roy Wood Jr.

I’ve never been in a boy’s locker room but I imagine it’s a lot like this episode but without the actual body odor and the naked part. Perhaps the biggest and most notable topic in this episode is, well whatdoyouknow, women. Whether you think their views are disgusting or agree with what their saying, it is undeniable that some of their female related stories are ridiculously funny (i.e. Neal was once accused of drugging a woman in Las Vegas).

3. Retta

The 1st non-adult film actress on the podcast, the Champs and Retta discuss interesting and polarizing comedic issues such as the Adam Carolla controversy and getting started in stand-up as a woman. Although I disagree with Neal Brennan’s views, I love hearing a constructive debate, where people can share their opinions without being dicks.

2. Ron Funches

Ron Funches is perhaps the most adorable, soft spoken comedian I have ever heard.  Ron’s fascinating background allows for some hilarious and kind of scary stories such as poisoning his mother’s boyfriend when he was a kid. Although the stories are as funny as alarming, the guys also talk about the Tosh controversy and kindness in comedy. Once again, the Champs strike a fine line between  being dirty and uncensored, to talking about real and serious issues.

1. Questlove

I love when I hear a guest be an actual fan. It makes me feel not alone, or dreams are possible! Okay, maybe not the last part, but still, it’s pretty cool. Questlove proves to be an awesome guest by not holding back, and sharing some “inside the music” stories such as his beef with Biggie, the Michelle Bachmann scandal, and his friendship with Jay-Z. Also Doug’s drops make this episode worth listening to twice.

If you want to listen to more, please visit their website!