This Week’s Spotlight: ANIMOSITY PIERRE



Hey there! I’m back with my weekly video round-up! This week I checked out the hilarious ANIMOSITY PIERRE. ANIMOSITY PIERRE is a sketch comedy duo that is one part  Matt, one part Scott, and one part Dave. I have put together three of their videos that I thought you might thoroughly enjoy or hate, but I think mostly enjoy!


1. THE AP EXPERIMENT: Volume 20. Dave shows Diane and Rick his new invention.


2. THE AP EXPERIMENT: Volume 11. Ughh, a good allergy joke is so hard to come by, but this one’s pretty hilarical.


3. THE AP EXPERIMENT: Volume 15. Listen to the directors give all access commentary on Volume 2! Love the commentary but still waiting on that blooper/gag reel. I mean come on guys, when they get the giggles, it’s pretty hilarious.