This Week’s Spotlight: Down the Show

Hey there! Lisa here with my weekly video round-up! This week I checked out the supercool (and yeah I said supercool) Down the Show! Down the Show is a constant open door sketch group, welcoming stand-ups, sketch writers, performers, videographers and joiners from all walks of life. So I have put together three of their videos that I thought you might get a kick out of (just don’t hurt anyone in the process).


1.  My Talking Henry Rollins.  Henry Rollins is a doll that offends people. I here they’re also coming out with an Ian MacKaye doll that’s supposed to help with sobriety.


2. “BEER SNOBS”. This is what might happen when two beer snobs run into each other. Hint: Ecstasy Ensues.


3. The Pilot. Philadelphia comedians and filmakers come together to give the world a sketchy-sketch comedy show.


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