Tomorrow night, two new Philly Improv Theater House Teams will make their debut. Get to know them now before you see them perform.

Who are we?

We are Dan Corkery, Hilary Kissinger, Nick Mirra, Alex Newman, Cait O’Driscoll, Kevin Pettit, Jessica Snow, Max Sittenfield, and Brian Rumble. And our Coach is Maggy Keegan.

What is our style?

Our style is very focused on game, and we’ve been working with the Harold structure for our format. A few of us have studied at UCB (where Harold and game-work is foundational). Exploring premise and playing very real, emotional characters came pretty naturally to us as a group so we are really looking forward to representing that style of improv. We strive to maintain a balance of patient and aggressive but we usually end up trying to make each other laugh. In a nut shell, we’d say our play is intellectual, aggressive, and irreverent.

How did we start to gel?

We gelled almost instantly. We have had a great rapport from the very first rehearsal. It feels like we’re one big group of raucous siblings, and Maggy is the cool big sister who buys us beer and lets us play with fireworks in the backyard. The one week that she couldn’t be at rehearsal, she wrote out an elaborate scavenger hunt with a precise scoring system for us to undertake in her absence. A highlight? Kevin Pettit eating a soft pretzel on top of a cheesesteak and then running up the Art Museum steps.

Anything we are especially excited about?

We are all just pumped to finally take the stage together. This is the first serious improv team for some of us so it’s super exciting to be on a house team at PHIT.

Cool stories from our time together so far:

One time a school bus of 6th graders from Codename Strider Elementary interrupted our rehearsal by running into our space and spraying silly string they had just stolen from a nearby party supply store. We called their parents who came to pick them up. While we waited for their parents,we helpfully answered the students’ questions about the changes that were happening to their bodies. It was kinda neat.