Hello there Sports Fans! With the Fly-boys out of contention for Lord Stanley’s Cup and The Phightin’ Phils paving the way for what ought to be another “Come-Back Kiddo” season, you can’t help but feel the electric spirit of sports in the (215). The passion for Philly Sports burns bright and lights up schoolyards, bars, semi-truck weigh stations and Philly Improv Theater at The Shubin Theater at last night’s presentation of “The Monthly Hour with James Hesky.” The following is a summary of every mention of SPORTS during last night’s show, as well as the performer it can be attributed to:

James Hesky: The Olympics, Baseball, NFL, Football, Triathalon
Mikey Gleason – N/A
Carl Boccuti – N/A
Jim Grammond – N/A
Darryl Charles – N/A
Mary Radzinski – N/A
Mani-Pedi – N/A
Doogie Horner – N/A
Chip Chantry – Pat Burrell

Truly an exciting night for Philadelphia Comedy and Philadelphia Sports! My apologies to any that may have slipped through my five-hole! See you all at next month’s Monthly Hour with James Hesky!

Gerry Bock is a freelance sports writer and former Publisher/Reporter-in-Chief for the Port Richmond Gazetteer, which he published independently for 37 years before gladly fell prey to the siren call of retirement last May.