With co-host Christine Meehan‘s move to New York, Alejandro Morales is on a search for a new partner for his monthly show Camp Tabu. Starting this Friday, Alejandro will test new co-pilots at each Camp Tabu show – in a Regis and Kelly style search for a co-host with the perfect chemistry. This week, Carolyn Busa will take the stage with Alejandro, and also close the show with a featured set. Future months’ guest hosts include Erin Mulville, R. Eric Thomas, Jaime Fountaine, Hillary Rea, Val Temple, and Mary Radzinski.

As far as the rest of the night at Camp Tabu, this month’s lineup features comedy from: Jim Grammond, Mollie Sperduto, Val Temple, and TJ Hurley. The format for the show has been tweaked a little, and Alejandro says to expect a bit tighter, quicker moving show – but just as much fun.

Camp Tabu is this Friday, 9:00PM at Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar (200 South 12th St. Philadelphia).