Over 130 hopefuls came out to audition for new Philly Improv Theater House Teams making it the largest turnout in the theater’s history. The hopefuls were narrowed down and callbacks were held and now the theater is announcing the casts for two new teams, directed by Steve Kleinedler and Maggy Keegan.

Codename Strider (dir. Steve Kleinedler) Emily Davis, Andrew Stober, Corin Wells, Sue Jahani, Martha Cooney, Maureen Costello, Jim Burns, Ellen Qualey, Chris Calletta

Codename Westmarch (dir. Maggy Keegan) Kevin Pettit, Max Sittenberg, Alex Newman, Brian Rumble, Cait O’Driscoll, Nick Mirra, Dan Corkery, Hilary Kissinger, Jessica Snow

Existing House Team ZaoGao (dir. Kristen Schier) added cast members Tom Powers and Rachel Whitworth through this round of auditions.

In slightly older, but just as important House Team news, Mayor Karen and King Friday also added new members recently. Mayor Karen welcomed Rob Gentile, Steve Swan, and Dan Jaquette to their ranks while King Friday brought in Andrew Stanton, Kaitlin Thompson, Maggy Keegan, and Jenna Leigh.