It’s Louis CK‘s world, the rest of us are just living in it. This week, the comedian released his latest hour special on his own for just $5, experimenting with the idea that content can be kept out of the hands of corporations that drive the price up for consumers (it worked!), and he’s been seemingly everywhere promoting and talking about his latest. You can also check him out on The Tonight Show, watch this feature on him from Nightline, listen to him on Fresh Air, and read his great AMA on Reddit.

This web site takes a look at style choices made by stand-up comedians throughout the years. Boy oh boy!

Patton Oswalt showed up in this PSA for The Alamo Drafthouse reminding people if they talk or text during a movie they will be kicked out. Seriously, don’t do that. Nobody likes you.

The SNL Digital Short from last week’s episode is about friendship! So you can watch it here.

In their Best of 2011 series, Comedy Central recapped this year’s Comedy Awards. Speaking of comedy awards, today is your last chance to vote for the 2011 Witout Awards (8PM January 10th, World Cafe Live).