Word up Pizza Pals!  Pizza was named “Food of the Week” at a small ceremony at my apartment on Tuesday, and I couldn’t wait to celebrate with Mike Rainey.  Mike’s no pizza greenhorn, and here’s the proof:

Pizza Pal Joe Moore: How much do you like Pizza?
Mike Rainey: If babies were slices of pizza, I would never use condoms.

PPJM: What is your favorite slice in Philadelphia?
MR: Lorenzo’s is great.  Pizza there is terrific, plus they’ll pretty much punch you in the face if you ask for toppings on your slice.

PPJM: How often do you eat pizza?
MR: At least 3 times a week.  These breasts aren’t gonna maintain themselves…

PPJM: Are you into plain pizzas or toppings? If toppings, which?
MR: I love pepperoni and sausage.  However, if I had to rank them, pepperoni would be Hall and sausage would be Oates.

PPJM: What is your favorite use of Pizza in Pop Culture (Film, TV, Music… etc.)?
MR: Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs.  If I had to murder people for an organized crime boss, I’d at least want to be able to eat parts of his face.

Mike Rainey will be performing this Sunday in the Semi-final round of Helium Comedy Club’s 2011 Philly’s Phunniest Person Contest. You can purchase tickets online.