Abigail Bruley is a writer, actor, and producer of Philly themed video comedy project Down The Show, which will premiere its’ second episode tonight at Connie’s Ric Rac (Facebook Event).

Witout: Where did you get the idea for “Down the Show?”

Abigail Bruley: A deep, dark canal in the back of my brain. On my first visit there, I ran into Corey Cohen and Doogie Horner holding Moleskins and cheering me on. Those two may never know, but they were a main catalyst for me.

WO: Tell us about the production process for the show.

AB: Well, let’s just say I spend a lot of time alone, laughing or crying to myself. You’re a comedian, so you know, it’s long periods of torture followed by short bursts of elation.

WO: How do you balance between creating new material and showcasing already produced sketches? What is the selection process like?

AB: If it makes people laugh that don’t know the people in the sketch, it’s in.

WO: Have you had to do a lot of Philadelphia comedy scouting in your time producing the show? Do you have any fun stories or experiences watching comedy around town?

AB: Yes, scouting is a new thing thing for me. Being the FNG to the scene, I’m always blown away by the crazy, innovative material that comes pouring out of these people, it’s amazing! Also, it’s no secret that comedians are nerds, but I feel like I’ve being gradually clued in to this whole new level of nerd that I never really knew existed, or, at least, didn’t want to believe existed. There are the ‘safe’ nerds that are into comic books and Sci-Fi and then there are these people, in the seedy underworld of nerd. It’s fascinating.

WO: Do you have a set format for the show in mind or do you plan on playing with things and keeping it loose?

AB: We will always have stand-up mixed with sketch. We will always have a new logo, hand-painted by a local artist and hand-drawn title cards painted by me. We will always have a new theme song by the maniacally-talented Ryan Kerrigan and we will always work with a new local band for background music. The editing will always be the vision of Andrew Laputka, because he’s so damn good at it. Besides all that stuff,  it is unrestrained.

WO: What are your plans for the future of the show?

AB: Oh man, who knows. I don’t want to think about where it will end up – probably in the back of a van somewhere. I just want to continue collaborating with people and putting something out there on a consistent basis. I used to be a perfectionist and now I realize how limiting that can be. I feel very good about letting people in on our process and allowing our audience watch us grow and working stuff out in front of them.

WO: Have you got any pitches for the show from people who were clearly crazy? Tell us about it!

AB: I’m a chick at the wheel, dudes hate that. I’ve been threatened with sketches. I’ve been bullied into including jokes I wasn’t completely behind. It’s rough out there, and I haven’t completely figured out how to handle it yet. I try to remember that it’s coming from a good place, that it’s the result of a strong desire to be a part of something, which will never be a bad thing. I have learned it’s best not to work with any overactive egos, though, however, simply because they are no fun.