Karen Coleman is a member of new Philly Improv Theater House Team codenamed Shadowfax. She also produces a web comic, Wednesday Night Danger Club.

How and why did you get into comedy? I needed comedy as a creative outlet. As a teenager I did a lot of community theater. When I was 19, I auditioned for an improv show at my Community College which ended up performing regularly and I fell in love with it. I then moved to NYC to study illustration at Parsons and took as many improv classes that I could. I just started working on a new web comic as another way to express myself comedically.

How would you describe your style as a comedian? What influences and factors do you think contribute to that? I’ve always thought of myself as an artist and I haven’t really thought about myself as a comedian until recently. It’s hard to think of myself as having a style. I have always been influenced by strong female performers and there are a lot of funny, talented women improvisers in Philadelphia. I want people that I think are funny to laugh at me. Hey, can I talk about my web comic? www.wednesdaynightdangerclub.com

Do you have a favorite show or venue you like to perform at? What about it makes it fun or special for you? The few times I was able to perform at the UCB theater in New York, it felt amazing to stand where amazing people stood. And I’m excited to be a part of the Philly Improv Theater and do shows at the Shubin, the energy at that theater is practically tangible.

Do you have a single favorite moment in Philly comedy or one that stands out? It is difficult for me to choose a single moment. I’m going to say it’s the time we were having Incubator in the park and a random man started crying because we were too loud.

Do you have any sort of creative process that you use with your writing or your performance? It’s hard to perform, and its hard to live your life, when you are in your head about what people are thinking about you or if you think your ideas are stupid. It’s important to be present and in the moment not only for improv scenes but also in general. I need to remind myself of that sometimes to clear my head, especially when it comes to performing.

What is it about improv (or stand-up, or sketch, whatever you do…) that draws you to it? I am drawn to writing my web comic, www.wednesdaynightdangerclub.com, which is heavily influenced by my experience with improv. I love the process of starting with nothing and creating something, and connecting seemingly random ideas to make them meaningful. I love using my energy to build characters and how sometimes I can surprise myself when I didn’t even know what I was going to say until after I said it.

Do you have any favorite performers in the Philly scene? Why are they your favorites? I do! I love and am inspired by my teammates on  – soon to be announced PHIT house team name –  and my favorite performers are the ones that look like they are having fun and make it look easy.

Do you have any bad experiences doing comedy that you can share? A particularly bad bombing or even an entire show gone haywire? I have had moments where I have been disappointed in my performance or scenes just felt awkward and terrible, but fortunately I do not.

What do you think the Philly comedy scene needs to continue to grow? Chia seeds.

Do you have any personal goals for the future as you continue to perform comedy? Personally, I’m only in this for the money. I’m hoping for a reality show. (Greater confidence in my choices, soak up as much knowledge as I can, perform as much as I can.) I also want the future to bring more readers of my web comic. www.wednesdaynightdangerclub.com