Andrea Kuhar and Aubrie Williams are the one-two-punch-in-the-chops that make up Philly comedy tour-de-force Local Holiday Miracle. At Aubrie’s suggestion, LHM and I sliced it up at Lickety Split, and we talked about Ninja Turtles, Pizza on English Muffins, and their show Thursday August 4th at the Shubin Theater, at 8:30 PM. If you’ve ever wondered about how pizza works into the LHM magic, read on:

Pizza Pal Joe Moore: How much do you like pizza:

Andrea Kuhar – I live in Philly for a lot of reasons, Pizza is one of them.

Aubrie WIlliams – I consider it a religion and practice it… religiously!

PPJM: What is your favorite slice in Philly:

AK: I’m partial to Lorenzo’s, but if I’m feeling fancy – Pizzeria Stella!

AW: I’m gonna say Lorenzo’s cause there is so much cheese on a single slice, and the more cheese the better!

PPJM: How often do you eat pizza?

AK: If English Muffin pizza counts, weekly.

AW: Anywhere from 4-7 times a week. It’s my go-to pre-rehearsal, pre-show eat.

PPJM: Are you into plain pizzas or toppings? which toppings?

AK: Every veggie – no black olives!

AW: I enjoy both plain and toppings equally. MY favorite toppings are mushrooms and olives.

PPJM: Favorite use of pizza in Film, TV or Music:

AK: Das Racist – “I’m at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”

AW: NINJA TURTLES (movies cause I always want to eat it straight from the screen)

PPJM: Did your family have a pizza day, what day was it?

AK: Yes! Way back, we got pizza on Friday and then watched TGIF! “Step by step, day by day…”

AW: It was always Friday night, and Friday at school was also pizza day… so Friday was a great day all around