In an effort to combine two of the worlds best things, pizza and comedy, I split a couple of steaming pies with Philly Sketch-Gang Camp Woods. Anyone who is paying attention knows the fabled role pizza plays in Camp Woods folklore. Who better to sit down and chat with over a few pies?

In between slices, I asked Sam Narisi, JP Boudwin, Brendan Kennedy, and Patrick Foy all the hard-hitting questions…

How much do you like pizza?

Sam Narisi: The most.

JP Boudwin: I wish it lived in the wild so I could kill it, and feel it die in my hands. Then feed it to my weird forest family.

Brendan Kennedy: A whole lot. Too much, even.

Patrick Foy: 1,000,000.00

What is your favorite pizza topping?

SN: I’m in a big white pizza phase right now. Also: bacon, mushrooms, and anything with ricotta cheese.

JP: Extra cheese — other cheeses.

BK: Pepperoni.

PF: Sausage, avocado, spinach, chopped tomato, pesto.

What was your family’s “Pizza Night?” (ie: Tuesday was pizza night, that was when my family always ate pizza.)

SN: We had pizza on Fridays in Lent, and Fridays most of the rest of the year also.

JP: Friday (age 3-12), then Monday (age 13-16) then Thursday (age 17-current)

BK: Whatever night nobody wanted to cook.

PF: Fridays I think. Especially if it was Lent.

What is your favorite slice in Philadelphia?

SN: There’s a place in the Italian Market called Lorenzo & Sons (not affiliated with the South Street one) where you can order from a window outside. I was pretty into that when I lived there.

JP: Lorenzo’s, not out of taste or size, just nostalgia. Ed’s in West Philly is great.

BK: Ed’s Five Cheese Pizza.

PF: Dunno if I can pick a favorite, but the other night I ate at a place called Zavino that serves wood-fired pizzas that were pretty awesome. It’s at 13th and Sansom.

Favorite slice elsewhere?

SN: Suburban pizza is better than city pizza. I’ve also been to a few places in Chicago that have all been awesome.

JP: Pica’s in Upper Darby, Brothers in Drexel Hill, and lately this Toni Roni’s wannabe chain pizza … best BBQ chicken pizza ever.

BK: Mam’s in Maple Glen.

PF: Pretty much any slice I’ve had in New York. Also in Chicago, theres a local chain called Giordano’s that serves a pretty great deep dish. I’m also a fan of national chain pizza. I may be the only person who was totally fine with Domino’s old pizza.

Anything else you’d like to add?

SN: I think there’s a rule that you can’t call someone your friend until you eat pizza with them. It’s like a marriage certificate for friends. Oh, and also it’s the best thing.

JP: I don’t believe in God, but if I did he’d be a bunch of pizzas. Pizza is often the only thing that keeps me going through life. Pizza picks you up and says “It’s ok guy! Life’s not so bad — I exist!” Then I high-five the pizza with my mouth.

BK: Murder. Death. Kill? Go to jail.

PF: Please come see Camp Woods at the Barbary on April 26th, or any other time. We have at least three sketches involving pizza, with plans to write more.

Wow, wasn’t that awesome? Thanks guys!

If you like pizza and comedy, wipe the grease off your face and go see Camp Woods at the Barbary’s Comedy Dreamz, April 26th at 8PM. Joe Moore is a comedy fan and sometimes-performer. You can follow him on Twitter.