PIZZA PALS with Joe Moore ...this week: CAMP WOODS

In an effort to combine two of the worlds best things, pizza and comedy, I split a couple of steaming pies with Philly Sketch-Gang Camp Woods. Anyone who is paying attention knows the fabled role pizza plays in Camp Woods folklore. Who better to sit down and chat with over a few pies?

In between slices, I asked Sam Narisi, JP Boudwin, Brendan Kennedy, and Patrick Foy all the hard-hitting questions…

How much do you like pizza?

Sam Narisi: The most.

JP Boudwin: I wish it lived in the wild so I could kill it, and feel it die in my hands. Then feed it to my weird forest family.

Brendan Kennedy: A whole lot. Too much, even.

Patrick Foy: 1,000,000.00

What is your favorite pizza topping?

SN: I’m in a big white pizza phase right now. Also: bacon, mushrooms, and anything with ricotta cheese.

JP: Extra cheese -- other cheeses.

BK: Pepperoni.

PF: Sausage, avocado, spinach, chopped tomato, pesto.
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JUST THE MINUTES with Joe Moore (March Madness Comedy Competition Final Round)

The following is a report on last night's March Madness Comedy Competition Finale, the Rumble in Manayunk. The undertaking of "March Madness" has been as great as it is large. Center City Comedy took on an arduous task, and this show went on witout a hitch. For the last month we have been asking the great question: what happens when you pit 72 comedians against each over the course of a month in a competition to see who can win the audience over?

The great answer: this...

7:02 - 9:18 -- Emily and I arrive at Mad River. We are two hours early. We go to dinner, get coffee, buy some CDs, listen to them in my car, and then go to the show.
9:19 -- In patriotic fashion, the crowd at Mad River is treated to a rendition of the National Anthem, beautifully delivered by Erin Hess.
9:22 -- Host Tom Cassidy takes the stage.
9:24 -- Tom introduces the commentators, Shifty-Man Foley and Waddles Washington.
9:31 -- Tom removes his sweatshirt revealing zebra striped ref shirt and introduces the first contestant, Brendan Kennedy.
9:35 -- A man standing near me makes an awkward squatting gesture. I catch it but don’t know what happened, like a nervous twitch.
9:36 -- Brendan compliments Tom Arnold.
9:39 -- The man squats awkwardly again, and I realize he is trying to adjust his underwear with out using hands.
9:40 -- Jamil B is introduced.
9:41 -- Third squat from this stranger. Guys, just go to the bath room and use your hands. Whatever that is, it’s weirder than just tugging at your crotch.
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FIRST AND LAST WORDS with Joe Moore (Laughs on Fairmount)

In order to bring you inside the minds of some of Philadelphia's greatest stand-ups, below is a recap of last night's Laughs on Fairmount open mic hosted by Carolyn Busa and Mary Radzinski -- presented with the first and last words of each comedian's set.

Comedian - "First word of set" / "Last word of set"

James Hesky - "Hey" / "Thanks"

Jim Grammond - "Thanks" / "Once"

Ed Scanlan - "Thanks" / "Night"

Karen Meshkov - "Take" / "Guys"

Oliver Yu - "Hey" / "So"

John Kensil - "Keep" / "Carolyn"

Tom Cassidy - "Give" / "Thanks"

Rick Robotin - "Man" / "Comedy"

David Terruso - "I" / "Thanks"

Ed McGonigal - "Eyy..." / "On!"

Luke Giordano - "Thank" / "Radzinski"

Logan - "Check" / "Night"

Sean Preston -  "Hey" / "Everybody"

Carolyn Busa - "Thanks" / "You"

Mikey Gleason - "Hello" / "Carolyn"

Chris Whitehair - "Hey" / "Carolyn"

Mykal Carter-Jackson - "Hey" / "Money"

Mary Radzinski - "Oh" / "Show"

Matt McCusker - "Hey" / "Lot"

Steve Fielding - "Hey" / "Thanks"

Jess Carpenter - "So" / "Time"

Dan Eastman - "Hey" / "Eastman"

Nick Baker - "Mary" / "Time"

Joey Dougherty - "Hey" / "Mary"

Sydney Gantt - "Alright" / "Time"

Joe Moore is a comedy fan and sometimes-performer. You can follow him on Twitter.