Laughs on Fairmont. Like a Hollywood award show, or that time I was mugged — it was an epic event I will never forget. But when I try to recall what happened — now two weeks later — I realize it isn’t what they said that left the largest impression on me … it’s what they wore.

Here is a brief, fair and balanced run-down on what each of the 30+ stand-ups wore:

John Kensil — A straw-colored flannel rolled two inches above his elbows, a black watch, blue rubber band, blue jeans, and black dress shoes with a squared front.

Mary Radzinski — A purple blouse with a comfortable-looking gray robe over, blue jeans, and silver hoop earrings.

Luke Giordano — A gray bed-looking shirt, buttoned except for the top two buttons, blue jeans with three small holes, one larger hole, tucked into the back of his left sock.

Carolyn Busa — Denim shirt, a torquoise charm necklace, a brown dress, and brown boots.

Ryan Marley — A mostly white with darker striped bed shirt, black dress shoes with no laces, right pant leg tucked over the right shoe.

LaTice — A purple blouse over a black shirt that covered to the wrists with 3 pearly buttons, blue jeans, and gold earrings that looked like little caterpillars.

Jason Hazelwood — Gently worn jeans with a pocket chain, a black bowling shirt with black lettering that spelled “Motel” in a Ren-And-Stimpy-esque font, with tan and black Adidas.

Scott Terry — Off-white t-shirt over a white t-shirt, black shoes, jeans.

Mikey Gleason — Blue and white fine stripped bed-shirt, black jeans, buttoned to the top, two thin-blue bracelets on each wrist, and brown shoes.

Alex Grubard — Black Marty-McFly vest over a gray and black hooded sweatshirt. Black jeans, yellow t-shirt, with a black t-shirt underneath.

Steven Bryan — White Shirt, black stripes, gray jacket with buttoned-down shoulder boards, 4 pockets, jeans, and dark red-white-and-gray Nikes.

Rick Robotin — Blue henley un-tucked. White shoes, blue jeans.

Brendan Kennedy — Dark blue button down shirt, unbottoned, revealing a shirt with “Old Navy” in red lettering on a gray background, jeans, black shoes.

Jules Vincenzo — Red checkered shirt, all buttons buttoned, tan knit hat, black corduroys, and black shoes.

Dave Terruso — Three-buttoned gray henley untucked, rolled to cover 3/4th’s of his arms, over a white t-shirt, with jeans and brown boots.

H. Foley — black hoodie unzipped, a shade more towards grey than the black t-shirt underneath, with the word ‘Eagles” in green, over a white t-shirt, jeans, and black shoes with no laces.

Matt Lally — A “DARE” t-shirt from Lindenwold, letter gray on a black background with jeans and cool yellow and gray shoes.

Dan Eastman — Red and blue flannel, top two buttons unbuttoned over a gray shirt, with jeans folded up at the cuffs.

Chris Cotton — Pin-stripped Zoo York Hoodie with an interlocking Z and Y, unzipped over a white t-shirt with green letters that said “….C 2K3…” up top and “WHAT” under that. Faded jeans.

John Farquhar — Khakis, a dark pin-stripped blazer over a tucked-in gray shirt.

Sidney Gantt — Black jacket, a five-buttoned blue henley, a watch on his right hand, blue jeans, and gray shoes.

Ed McGonigal — Beige cap, yellow work boots, blue jeans, and a beige button down shirt.

Aaron Hertzog — Red AND-1 hooded sweatshirt, black sweat pants.

Alex Pezzotta — Beige cap, brown hoodie zipped approx 3/4th’s of the way up, a black t-shirt, military green pants with a gerber-food green belt tucking out, and black shoes.

Christian Alsis — Gray hooded sweat shirt, zipped up almost all the way, gray t-shirt, jeans, and predominantly black, with-white stripes, Adidas.

Billy Bob Thompson — Beige jacket, gray t-shirt over a white tee, jeans, blue and red belt, with brown and white shoes.

Brian Fanell — Gray sweatshirt under a khaki jacket with pockets, a DC Shoes t-shirt with white lettering on a black background and a gray and blue triangle design, and dark DC Shoes.

Steve Miller-Miller — Bolo tie, cufflinks on a red and white checkered shirt, jeans with a large belt buckle, and gray and white shoes.

James Hesky — White shirt with small red and black stripes over a gray t-shirt, jeans, and black shoes.

Matt McCusker — Gray v-neck long sleeve shirt tucked into jeans with no belt, brown shoes, and a black jacket that he took off mid-set and placed on a stool.

Tommy Pope — Shiny black jacket with two sets of zippers, a black hooded sweatshirt with a white draw string, black jeans with cuffs, watch on his left hand, white t-shirt, and orange, black, and white shoes.

Joe Moore is a comedy fan and sometimes-performer. You can follow him on Twitter.