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Comedy Around the Web, Vol. 35

Vulture released this list of “50 Comedians You Should and Will Know“.

Marc Maron’s new TV show, Maron, premiers this week on IFC and in honor of that Splitsider put out this list of 15 of the Best, Most Defining Episodes of WTF.

The third season of comedy documentary series Modern Comedian premiered this week with an episode featuring stand-up comedian Phil Hanley.

Reggie Watts started a new web series, Life on the Road, which follows the performer while on tour.

Chris Hardwick is going to join the late-night team at Comedy Central in the fall with a new show co-produced by Funny or Die with executive producers Tom Lennon and Ben Garant.

Judd Apatow moderated a discussion between comedy legends Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner and the whole thing is available to watch online.

Chris Gethard made this video for IFC to deal with his scenes from Iron Man 3 being left on the cutting room floor.

The 2013 White House Correspondents’ dinner was held last weekend. You can watch comedian Conan O’Brien’s entire 27-minute speech and President Obama’s full speech online

In response to Zach Braff asking fans to fund his follow-up project to Garden State - comedy  news site Laughspin released this article covering “Kickstarter abuse”.


Comedy Around the Web, Vol. 21

VH1 has relaunched Best Week Ever and The Comic’s Comic would like to help you meet the new cast.

Watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert cover President Obama’s inauguration.

This animated video tells the story of how Eddie Murphy discovered Chris Rock.

Grantland has created this March Madness-style bracket to determine the best Chappelle’s Show sketch of all time.

Comedy Central and SiriusXM have joined forces to create Comedy Central Radio, a new station where comedy lovers can hear audio from Comedy Central programs like Comedy Central Presents and Premium Blend as well as new performances and all-access specials from Comedy Central events.

Portlandia’s Nerd PSA would like to send a message to those that go around calling themselves nerds as a point of pride.

This article from The Independent on Louis C.K. highlights the comedian’s career as his show Louie is set to debut in the UK.

Comedy Central has ordered a pilot episode for a stand-up series based on Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani’s live show The Meltdown.

PBS Off Book asks What’s the deal with internet comedy?

The Laugh Button named 8 Comedians to watch in 2013.

Like blooper reels from movies? Want to see one from Judd Apatow’s This is 40? Ok here you go.


Comedy Around the Web, Vol. 16

Watch as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits the set of Judd Apatow’s This is 40.

Splitsider explores the Uneasy Relationship Between Mental Illness and Comedy.

Comedians Jon Dore and Rory Scovel performed together again on Conan to pretty hilarious results.

ADHD, Fox’s upcoming late night animation block, combined Peanuts and Louie to produce  A Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion.

The Laugh Button caught up with Hannibal Burress for an interview for their ongoing Talking Comedy series.

Ricky Gervais is in talks to play the lead (human) role in the next Muppet movie.

As part of their year-end recap Uproxx listed the 15 Most Quotable TV Characters of 2012.

The New York Times reviewed Maria Bamford’s Special Special Special.

Joe Rogan became the latest comedian to release a special through their website.

Huffington Post Comedy has a list of seven websites you should be wasting time on right now.

Comedy Around the Web, Vol. 14

Watch Chris Gethard travel to New Jersey diners to try to have them put his headshot on the wall in this short from IFC’s Adopt-A-Comic series.

Bill Murray was interviewed by The New York TimesWhy wouldn’t you want to read that?

In this interview with Pitchfork Weekly Tig Notaro discusses her most recent special Live.

In the latest episode of his web series Speakeasy Paul F. Tompkins talks to Aziz Ansari about stand-up and suits.

Tracy Morgan did his own special rendition of Twas the Night Before Christmas with Jimmy Fallon.

Did you know that stand-up comedy is hard? Vice columnist Harry Cheadle found that out when he tries it for the first time in the second episode of their All Around Losing series.

Here’s an interview Judd Apatow did with Chris Rock as part of the Vanity Fair comedy issue that Apatow guest edited.

The first episode of Joe DeRosa and Nikki Glaser’s web series We Should Break Up premiered this week. You can watch it online.

In this clip from The Simpsons Mr. Burns explains the fiscal cliff to all of us common folk.

Another WitOut EXCLUSIVE: The Making of Tweets of the Week – Featuring Luke Field & Judd Apatow


Luke Field is a Philly Improv Theater instructor, a member of PHIT House Teams Asteroid! (improv) and The Flat Earth (sketch), and one half of the improv duo Hot Dog.

Judd Apatow is The Judd Apatow.

Comedy Around the Web, Vol. 12

Splitsider talked to some prominent improvisers about the concept of game.

In this clip from The BS Report Bill Simmons interviews Bill Hader about his SNL character Stefon.

Here is an animated Thanksgiving special that Larry David wrote for Funny or Die.

Laughspin thought it was important to share this open letter to Paul F. Tompkins that was originally posted on Reddit, and so do we.

Conan O’Brien interviewed Judd Apatow (for a whole hour) for his internet project Serious Jibber-Jabber.

In this interview with Splitsider Kyle Kinane talks about his early days as a stand-up in Chicago, his upcoming hour special (which premieres November 24 — watch preview clips here), and more.

Comedian Rory Scovel has a new television deal with ABC and Laughspin would like to tell us why that makes perfect sense.

Comedy Around the Web, Vol. 8

With the news that Louis CK will be hosting Saturday Night Live on November 3, Splitsider has chronicled the comedian’s 19-year backstory with the sketch show.

A plan to co-name a portion of Manhattan’s W. 121st Street after the late, great comedian George Carlin was recently approved by a community board.

Aziz Ansari was on Conan, where he shared some advice about online dating, and how to handle bullies.

You can read the full screenplay to Judd Apatow’s new film This is 40 online, if you have the time to read a 146-page-script.

The Comic’s Comic posted this review of the Eddie Pepitone documentary The Bitter Buddah.

Seth Green is the guest on the latest episode of Paul F. Tompkins’ Speakeasy web series - and the two discuss Green performing stand-up as a teenager in Philadelphia.

This is a video of Tom Hanks performing slam poetry about Full House.