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Comedy Around the Web, Vol. 29

More news about Jimmy Fallon’s future as host of The Tonight Show surfaced this week, with the rumor that production will move to New York when Fallon takes over in 2014.

This article from Wired explores how Netflix isn’t just bringing back Arrested Development, but is revolutionizing television.

Here is a list of 13 stand-up routines about real-life celebrity encounters from the AV Club.

Here is a list of seven things we learned from Tina Fey’s appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio.

Watch comedian Mike Birbiglia tell the story of the worst he ever bombed.

A panel of comedians at SXSW explore “crossing the line” and why comedians don’t care if they offend people.

Watch all of Bill Cosby’s 13-minute guest appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman from earlier this week.

Check out this compilation of scenes from movies that break the fourth wall.

The AV Club posted this beginners guide to comedy legend Harold Ramis.

Comedy Around the Web, Vol. 18

The Comic’s Comic posted this interview with David Letterman and highlights from his Kennedy Center Honors ceremony.

Splitsider reviewed the past year in comedy movies, comedy podcasts, television comedy, web videos, and comedy books.

Huffington Post Comedy named their funniest people of 2012.

Sara Schaefer has some advice for comedy writers looking to submit to a late night show.

In the book “Make ‘Em Laugh” some of today’s most famous comedians reminisce about their beginnings at The Comic Strip.

Mandatory.com counted down the 100 Funniest Tweets of the Year.

Splitsider broke down the current season of Saturday Night Live with their midseason report.

The Comedy Bureau listed their 100 best things in comedy in 2012.

Al Martin, owner of the Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club and Greenwich Village Comedy Club, discusses how he knows when a comedian is ready to “make it” in the comedy business.

Bill Burr gives a hilarious tour of The Rose Bowl and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Comedy Around the Web, Vol. 9

Of course we are going to share that Patton Oswalt is this week’s guest on Paul F. Tompkins’ Speakeasy web series.

Scott Moran’s documentary series about the lives and work of stand-up comedians, “Modern Comedian,” will live on with a new distribution deal with PBS Digital Studios.

While Hurricane Sandy shut down much of New York David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon went ahead with their tapings, despite the absence of studio audiences.

Jimmy Pardo is hosting a new show on the Nerdist Channel based on his live show Write Now! Watch the first episode here.

Vulture talked to Monty Python’s Terry Jones about the upcoming Graham Chapman biopic.

NBC finally confirmed this week that Community’s fourth season premiere will be on Thursday, February 7 at 8pm.

With news that The Farm, the spinoff of The Office centered around Dwight Schrute and his family won’t be picked up by NBC, Splitsider examined 10 other spinoffs that almost were.

Louis C.K. is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, which they promise will happen no matter what in these promos.