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  • December 5, 2014 7:00 pmThe Comedy Works
  • December 5, 2014 8:00 pmThe N Crowd
  • December 5, 2014 8:00 pmCrazy Cow Comedy
  • December 5, 2014 8:30 pmFigment Theater: Sessions @ Studio C
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Meet Your Nominees for the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy: Best Regular Show

It’s almost time for the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy!  As we get closer to the show, we’ll be rolling out a series of posts to help you get more acquainted with this year’s nominees. Read all about ‘em, and then be sure to get your tickets for the big event on January 13th at World Cafe Live!

The nominees for Best Regular Show are:

Camp Woods Plus
Camp Woods Plus was a monthly sketch comedy showcase hosted by Philly sketch comedy juggernauts, Camp Woods! Every month they brought two sketch comedy groups from around the country plus a hilarious all new show of their own to L’etage. The show had its last edition this past December, but from the time it debuted to a sold-out crowd it quickly became a must-see event within the Philly comedy scene.

The Theme Show
The Theme Show is a monthly variety show at Philly Improv Theater hosted by Pat Foy (Camp Woods) and Steve Swan (The Flat Earth, Mayor Karen). Each month sketch groups, stand-ups and more create material around a new theme to show audiences just how much comedy can come from the same starting point.

Reasonable Discourse With Jerks
Reasonable Discourse With Jerks is a monthly panel comedy show hosted by Jim Grammond and produced by the good people at the Philly Improv Theater. Every month Jim is joined by a four-person panel of comedians and other professional-grade talkers to cover a variety of topics.

The Monthly Hour with James Hesky
Part late-night talk show, part stand-up showcase, and mostly one giant desperate attempt to get the approval of others, The Monthly Hour with James Hesky brings some of Philadelphia’s top talent to the Philly Improv Theater to help you catch up on all the major (and minor) events of the month. Each month, Hesky (CheaPodcast, The Gross Show) and his merry band of writers will recap the month through stand-up, sketch, video and interviews with top newsmakers (or completely made up no-names).

Guilty Pleasures
Comedian Brendan Kennedy has his finger on the pulse of all things awful—from terrible scripts to embarrassing poetry, YouTube videos and stage plays—and each month he hosts a dramatic reading of everything he’s found. With assistance from co-host Roger C. Snair, who regularly submits his own plays to the show, Brendan and a group of Philly’s top comedians are sure to surprise you with how hard they commit to the crap they have decided to stage for your amusement and the bizarre improv riffs they go on as inspiration hits them.

BREAKING: WitOut Editor Alison Zeidman Releases Own 2013 WitOut Awards Nominations

In the interest of full disclosure surrounding my influence as a WitOut editor on the nominations and voting process for the 2013 Witout Awards for Philadelphia Comedy, and in response to pressure from one Mr. Donald J. Trump, I have decided to publicly release the contents of my nominations form:

Alison Zeidman
I’ve only been doing stand-up for about two months, but I thought about doing it for two years before that, so.

Alison Zeidman
I’ve never been part of a sketch group, but I can see myself potentially doing that one day, maybe, and this award might just be the encouragement I need.

Malone, starring Alison Zeidman
Steve Rogers is Dead, starring Alison Zeidman
The N Crowd, starring Alison Zeidman

“Toilet Seat Pregnancy” by Alison Zeidman
This totally bombed the third time I did it, but so what? I had a lot of really rough conditions working against me (humidity, grilled cheese craving, middle class upbringing).

“Peanut Butter and Jelly in Divorce Court” by Alison Zeidman
This is not a sketch that has ever been performed, or actually written, but it is an idea for a sketch I had once.

Alison Zeidman
I’m not struggling with my sexuality, I just think my work transcends gender.

Alison Zeidman
When you’ve been doing improv for as little time as I have, you have every reason to think you’re the best.

I’d like to nominate every show/theater I’ve performed with in the last year, but I’m only allowed up to three (3), so I’ll have to combine them:
The PhillyImpSideNTheaterShowRookiePolyCardGonRicRac

Myths & Monsters presented by Philly Improv Theater for the Philly Fringe Festival, starring Alison Zeidman

Does WitOut count as a web series?  It’s on the web, and it has a series (se·ries [seer-eez] noun, plural se·ries 1. a group or a number of related or similar things, events, etc., arranged or occurring in temporal, spatial, or other order or succession; sequence) of posts.

Alison Zeidman (@alisonzeidman)
I tweet occasionally. It’s all gold. And when it’s not, I just delete it later, unless I forget to.

Again, I would like to nominate all open mics I have appeared at in the last year, combined:

Alison Zeidman as Alison Zeidman and/or in any joint involving Alison Zeidman

All jokes aside, may the best performers, writers, producers, etc. win! (But also all jokes aside aside, I plan to sweep the whole thing and I will close nominations early if it looks like that isn’t going to happen.)