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Troika — First Two Rounds Teams Announced

Last Year's Winning Team: Law & Order: LOL

Last Year’s Winning Team: Law & Order: LOL

This year’s Troika improv tournament kicks off Thursday!

As you know, members of the Philadelphia comedy community register to be placed randomly in a team of three, with the task of concocting their team’s unique improv schtick.

The tournament is run by Figment Theater, and the shows will take place in their Studio C in the Asain Arts Initiative building (1219 Vine St, Studio C).

Round 1 (5/15), 9:30pm: Jeff Kremzier + Rob Alesiani + Steve Kleinedler vs Dave Donnella + Mallory Rhodes + Sofya Piro vs Darryl Charles + Jessica Snow + Tom Hannigan

Round 2 (5/22), 9:30pm: Dan Rich + Dave Sucharski + Derrick Hackett vs Andrew Coppola + Mike Butler + Ryan T Barlow vs Cara Schmidt + Hannah Datz + Raja Rajanathan

For more info, visit FigmentTheater.org

VIDEO: “Grandma is Watching” by High Dramma

Here’s a funny video by Philly’s High Dramma. [Try not to picture those faces at the end, next time you fire up some “private browsing”.]

High Dramma will be performing this weekend at the Charm City Comedy Festival in Baltimore. Their show is Saturday @ 9pm at Zissimos Bar (1023 W 36th St, Baltimore).

Register Now for Philly’s Phunniest

Helium PPPC

Register here for the 2014 Philly’s Phunniest Competition. Space is limited!

VIDEO: The Cat Who Thought He Was Human

Happy Monday, ya web-addicted working-stiffs!

Video by Kate Banford and Dan Corkery.

Photos from La Salle’s Improv 101 Alumni Reunion

This past weekend, alumni from La Salle’s Improv 101 team joined some of the current students for some improvisational fun at the Dan Rodden Theater.

All photos courtesy Megan Colleen Yinger.

Improv 101 @ La Salle University -- photo Megan Colleen Yinger

Improv 101 - 2

Improv 101 - 4

Improv 101 - 6

Improv 101 -5

Improv 101 - 3

If you attend a comedy event in the Philadelphia area, please send photos to contact [at] witout [dot] net.

VIDEO: Doogie Horner talks living in Philly & NYC

Cheat Code Thursday & Friday @ Phit


It’s time to put down Halo VII or Call of Duty: Camden and get some fresh air! Cheat Code will be running at Phit tonight (4/24) and tomorrow (4/25). 

Joe Gates (Interrobang) directs Matt Aukamp (The Win Show), Pat Reber (Hey, We’re Cool), Katelyn Catinella (Sketch Harold), Cynthia Casebere (Free Candy), Quinton Alexander (Warp Jawn), Peter Rambo (American Breakfast), and Chris McGrail (Alley of Nightmares) in a sketch-comedy show about all the games we grew up with and/or are currently calling out of work to obsess over.

You’ll get to see Mario have his day in court, watch Chell search for love at a dinner date, and listen in on a pitch meeting for Creepy Uncle Games.

“We all play different kinds of games,” says co-writer Cynthia Casebere “so if someone writes a sketch about a Tonberry, it’s not going in the show unless the two people in the group who have never played Final Fantasy also think it’s funny.”

The shows will be opened up by stand-up comedians Christian Alsis on Thursday and Tommy Touhill on Friday.

The show starts at 9:00 pm both nights. For tickets, visit PhillyImprovTheater.com.

Millenium Quest: Warp Jawn

Phit has put together an improvised sci-fi comedy show for all you cylons or whatever (just kidding, I totally know what those are).

Millenium Quest: Warp Jawn will be running four shows a week till May 3rd, you can find out all about it in this interview between Phit artistic director Ralph Andracchio and Warp Jawn director Kristin Schier.

Here’s the teaser trailer…

Thursday 4/24 — 7:30 pm
Friday 4/25 — 7:30 pm
Saturday 4/26 — 7:30 pm
Sunday 4/27 — 4:00 pm
Thursday 5/1 — 7:30 pm
Friday 5/2 — 7:30
Saturday 5/3 — 7:30

For tickets, visit PhillyImprovTheater.com

Improv Pick-Up Game at Tuesday’s Bunch of Improv @ Grape Room

bunch of improv posterRandomly drawn, four-person teams will be performing 15-20 minute sets at tonight’s Bunch of Improv @ The Grape Room. Get in touch with Sam Fran Scavuzzo to see if it’s not too late to join a pickup-team. Doors are at 8:00pm and the show starts at 8:30.

As most of you know, Sam’s really funny with his blackout-timing, so even in the unlikely event that the chemistry isn’t there with these pickup squads, you can count on tech to do the heavy-lifting!

Tickets are $5.00. The Grape Room is located at 105 Grape Street in Manayunk.

‘The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth’ 4/10 @ Urban Saloon

The Geek Shall Inherit The EarthLaughs on Fairmount is teaming up with Geekadelphia to present a nerdy quiz-show pitting local Philadelphia comedians against each other in an effort to prove their geeky bona fides. Which Philly comedian will prove the dorkiest know-it-all? You can find out for only $5 dollars!

Darryl Charles, Molly Pace, Jo Pincushion and Dave Terruso are slated to be contestants, with blogger Anna Goldfarb and Skeletor from the Karaoke Gong Show serving as judges.

The event will be hosted by sketch-comedy maestro Paul Triggiani, fresh off making big splashes at Toronto Sketchfest with his hit show Alley of Nightmares. Doogie Horner will also be returning to the city of brotherly-shove to open up the show with some stand-up comedy.

For more info, check out the event’s facebook page, or just show up at Urban Saloon with a five-spot, for an event that fifteen years ago would have been self-deprecating, but today will be patenly braggadocious!