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Upcoming Shows

  • November 24, 2017 8:00 amNationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • November 25, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Heliun
  • November 25, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • November 25, 2017 10:30 pmImprov Comedy: PHIT House Teams
  • December 1, 2017 8:00 amNationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • December 2, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • December 2, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Heliun
  • December 2, 2017 10:30 pmImprov Comedy: PHIT House Teams
  • December 8, 2017 8:00 amNationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • December 9, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • December 9, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Heliun
  • December 9, 2017 10:30 pmImprov Comedy: PHIT House Teams
  • December 15, 2017 8:00 amNationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • December 16, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Heliun
  • December 16, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • December 16, 2017 10:30 pmImprov Comedy: PHIT House Teams
  • December 22, 2017 8:00 amNationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • December 23, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • December 23, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Heliun
  • December 23, 2017 10:30 pmImprov Comedy: PHIT House Teams
  • December 29, 2017 8:00 amNationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • December 30, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
  • December 30, 2017Nationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Heliun
  • December 30, 2017 10:30 pmImprov Comedy: PHIT House Teams
  • January 5, 2018 8:00 amNationally Touring Headline Comedians @ Helium
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Snapshot Presents: First Impressions

Description: A night of comedy at The Raven Lounge, hosted by Tom Whitaker. Presenting the standup stylins of Alex Grubard, Alejandro Morales and Joe Bell, and featuring new improv team Snapshot in their premier performance.

Style: Stand-up, storytelling, improv

Date: Saturday, March 16

Time: Doors open 7pm, show starts 7:30pm

Admission: $5

Location: The Raven Lounge, 1718 Sansom Street, Philadelphia

Contact: Facebook Event

Hollywood Comedy Weekend at The Laff House

Description: Once a year, Philly’s own Lawrence Killebrew presents a comedy birthday bash unlike any comedy show you’ve ever attended. This very special ” Hollywood Birthday Bash” weekend hosted by the charmingly sarcastic and extremely funny Lawrence Killebrew will produce an incredible line up of comedy including Clayton Thomas ( Marttin Lawrence 1st Amendment), Ron G ( NBC Last Comic Standing) and special guest appearances all weekend long!

Style: Stand-up

Date: April 19 – 20

Time:  7:30pm & 9:45pm

Admission: Tickets Available Online

Location: The Laff House – 221 South St. Philadelphia

Contact: Website

Metro Comedy Live at Helium Comedy Club

Description:  Headliner: Nema Williams Feature: Ed Blaze Host: Vince Barnett   Bio (Ed Blaze, Vince Barnett & Nema Williams Photos attached) Headliner Nema Williams from LOL Comedy Festival on Showtime, BET Comic View and STARZ Martin Lawrence Presents First Amendment   The show Feature comedian Ed Blaze the founder of Metro comedy Entertainment; has performed at the DC Improv, Howard University, Gotham Comedy Club in New York City to name a few. His comedy is infused with an array of topics, from politics and current events to human sexuality and marriage, from pop culture to race. Ed draws his inspiration from comedic greats Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Dave Allen, Chris Rock, and George Carlin, among others.   The show Host Vince Barnett began his comedy career not far from the bright lights and board walk of Atlantic City. It was at the urging of Comedian Kevin Hart. Kevin saw something in Vince that he did not see in himself or maybe he just wanted to just have a good laugh at Vince’s expense. Vince is a crowd favorite wherever he performs and a voice in comedy that’s on the rise and needs to be heard if he’s ever in your town.

Style: Stand-up

Date: April 24

Time:  7:30PM

Admission: Tickets Available Online

Location: Helium Comedy Club, 2031 Sansom St. Philadelphia

Contact: Website

Mitch Fatel at Helium Comedy Club

Description:  Is that a sparkle in his eye or is he just confused? With his innocence and friendly demeanor Mitch quickly engages the audience and then catches them off guard with his mixture of mischievous dialog and off color comments. While laughing at observations only Mitch can get away with we are left wondering if he truly understands what he just said. We never really know.

Mitch has been showcasing his talent to rave reviews for the past 10 years. Since then both appreciative audiences and comedy executives have made the same observation about Mitch’s rise to stardom, “It’s just a matter of time.” Well his time has come. After numerous spots on both the “Late Show with David Letterman” and the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Mitch is quickly establishing himself as a comedic star. In addition Mitch is one of the few comedians to have ever appeared on “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist” twice.

The Hollywood Reporter named Mitch as one of their best bets for future fame. Mitch is one of the most requested comedians on Sirius and XM satellite radio. He is not retarded.

Style: Stand-up

Date: May 1 – 4

Time:  8:00PM (Wed, Thur); 7:30PM & 10:00PM (Fri, Sat)

Admission: Tickets Available Online

Location: Helium Comedy Club, 2031 Sansom St. Philadelphia

Contact: Website

Gilbert Gottfried at Helium Comedy Club

Description:  At the young age of 15, Gilbert Gottfried began doing stand-up at open mike nights in New York City and, after a few short years, became known around town as “the comedian’s comedian.” After spending several years mastering the art of stand-up comedy, producers of the legendary NBC late night comedy show Saturday Night Live became aware of Gottfried and, in 1980, hired him as a cast member. It wasn’t until a few years later when his true notoriety would begin when MTV hired him for a series of improvised and hilarious promos for the newly formed channel. This led to several television appearances on “The Cosby Show” and “Late Night with David Letterman.”

Gottfried’s work in television soon led to roles in film. Most notable was his improvised scene as business manager Sidney Bernstein in the hit sequel “Beverly Hills Cop II,” for which the New York Daily News said that “Gilbert Gottfried steals the picture with a single scene.” Aside from his glowing reputation in comedy clubs, Gottfried began to gain a reputation as the king of quirky roles in both movies and television. He appeared in such movies as “Problem Child,” “Problem Child II,” “Look Who’s Talking II” and “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.” He was also the host of the very popular late night movie series “USA Up All Night.”

Style: Stand-up

Date: April 25 – 27

Time:  8:00PM (Thur); 7:30PM & 10:00PM (Fri, Sat)

Admission: Tickets Available Online

Location: Helium Comedy Club, 2031 Sansom St. Philadelphia

Contact: Website

Rich Vos at Helium Comedy Club

Description:  Rich Vos has sharp, insightful material, but he is also a master at working the crowd. His ability to perform in front of any audience has landed him television shows as varied as being the first white comic on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam” to performing on ABC’s “The View”. Rich was the breakout star of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” Seasons 1 and 3, was a regular guest on Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” and wrote for Chris Rock when he hosted The Academy Awards in 2005. He also played Lenny Bruce on NBC’s “American Dreams” and is a regular on “The Opie and Anthony Radio Show”. He has one of the highest-rated half-hour specials on Comedy Central and his DVD just sold over 40 copies.

Style: Stand-up

Date: April 17 – 20

Time:  8:00PM ( Wed, Thur); 7:30PM & 10:00PM (Fri, Sat)

Admission: Tickets Available Online

Location: Helium Comedy Club, 2031 Sansom St. Philadelphia

Contact: Website

Ted Alexandro at Helium Comedy Club

Description:  After attending Queens College, where Ted received his master’s degree in elementary education, while also dabbling in the theater department, Ted began teacing by day and telling jokes by night. In 1997 he left teaching and committed himself fully to being single, living in the same hometown he grew up in and telling jokes for a living.

Since being a full-time comedian, Ted has starred in not one, but two “Comedy Central Presents…” specials, “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.” Combining hilarious observations with hysterical physical comedy, Ted’s laid back style offers something for everyone.

Style: Stand-up

Date: April 11 – 13

Time:  8:00PM (Thur); 7:30PM & 10:00PM (Fri); 7:30PM & 10:00PM (Sat)

Admission: Tickets Available Online

Location: Helium Comedy Club, 2031 Sansom St. Philadelphia

Contact: Website

Vinnie Brand at Helium Comedy Club

Description:  Vinnie grew up in Middletown NJ, the third of four children
born to a plumber and a overly optimistic mother. He attended
Rutgers College and immediately met the woman of his
nightmares. Promptly, they had three children and bills. Vinnie
ran his own construction company and flower shop while
performing at open mic nights, juggling his time raising his
children, working like a dog and performing.
After becoming a headline comic, He sold the flower shop,
closed the construction company and gave his wife the divorce
she was begging for. With three kids, no money and no car, he
opened The Stress Factory Comedy Club while living in a
boarding house for fathers that lost it all in bad divorces.

In 1995 Vinnie met the woman of his dreams, Vicki, while
borrowing her car. He married her in 1998 and got full custody
of his three children in 1999. Then, to round things out, they
added two more children. Together, they built The Stress
Factory into one of the best clubs in the country. During this
time Vinnie had become a fixture not only at The Stress Factory,
but every club in New York City. He has also appeared on The
Rosie O’Donnell Show, Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd”, The
Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival (Best of the Fest),
The New York Comedy Festival, and the Toyota Comedy Festival.
He has also appeared on the Opie and Anthony Radio show,
(WNEW & XM), The Jim Breuer show “Unleashed” (Sirius), FULL
METAL COMEDY and the independent film “White Chicks”. He has
also starred in a commercial for Direct TV, released a CD entitled
“This is Vinnie Calling” and done various voice overs.

Today Vinnie spends his time on stage all over New York
City talking about the things he knows best, kids,
marriage, bills and family. His unique approach lets him
weave a story that captivates audiences of all ages while
pissing off his ex wife. Overall, it has all worked out.

You can contact Vinnie by calling his agent, Conan Smith
of Endeavor. If you get through, tell him Vinnie is
looking for him.

Style: Stand-up

Date: March 21

Time:  8:00PM

Admission: Tickets Available Online

Location: Helium Comedy Club, 2031 Sansom St. Philadelphia

Contact: Website

“I’m Just Going to Let People Have Their Own Reactions” – Interview with Ryan Crawford, Host and Producer of ‘Nervous Breakdown’

Brandon Gorin, David Piccolomini and Ryan Crawford are putting on Nervous Breakdown at PhilaMOCA this Friday, a show that will feature stand-up comics (Ryan Shaner, Chris Wood and Tommy Pope), live-tweeting (Steve Miller-Miller), and possibly angry tears. Read what Ryan has to say about the long, strange adventure it’s been to set it up, then be there on Friday to find out what happens.  It sounds like it’s going to be a real shit show—in a good way, though.

WO: The description for this event is “a comedy show, but tonight it’s OK to cry.” Do you expect the audience to be moved to tears? Or are the comedians on the show really sad about something?

Ryan Crawford: At this point, I can make no confident predictions about the type of emotions Nervous Breakdown will dredge up for people. But I’ve come to a place of acceptance about that. Cry, cheer, make love in the aisles at our comedy show. Whatever happens I’ll be by the side of the stage smoking a cigarette, all like, “Cool.”

Here’s the deal. This is the first creative collaboration between Brandon (T.) Gorin and David Piccolomini, unless you count how Brandon used to get up on stage and explain to people why Dave was bad at comedy. (They keep telling me they’re friends, but I’ve never seen any proof.)

Around the time we started discussing doing a show, Brandon had been thinking a lot about contemporary art and watching too much professional wrestling. He earnestly wanted to put on something that was part Dadaist performance piece, part SummerSlam. On the other hand, all of Dave’s cultural references consist of podcasts produced by marginally successful comedians. He just wanted to make a fun, goofy Friday night out for people. And me, I’m a gambler. The prospect of combining these two visions and actually pulling it off made me all tingly and breathless, because it struck me as the longest long shot in Comedy Town.

So we booked some fantastic stand-ups like Ryan Shaner and Tommy Pope. That was a big win for Dave. However, Brandon is still dead-set on chewing razor blades while he screams about the meta-modern art of CM Punk. The last time he showed me this trick, he actually sliced himself pretty bad, so – I’m just going to let people have their own reactions. Go ahead, cry. No judgments.

WO: Can you explain the format for the show? There’s a line-up of stand-ups, but you mentioned in an email you also want the show to have a premise and arc.

RC: It’s a stand-up comedy show followed by a Billy Cosby dance party. For those without any game, Bill Cosby did record several musical albums. And yes, they are totally danceable.

We got ambitious with the parts in between stand-ups. We started asking questions like, why do you have to have an affable host keeping the crowd warm between acts? Why do skits? Why not have two guys working out their very real creative and personal differences, live in front of strangers? When we asked these questions, we were drunk, and they were rhetorical. And now it’s too late for anyone to answer, or stop us.

WO: What can we expect from the other component of the show: “The projected thoughts of Steve Miller-Miller”?

RC: All three of us are big fans of Steve Miller-Miller. Brandon is particularly a fan of Miller-Miller’s workman-like approach to mocking Dave. We’re having him live-tweet the event from the booth, and projecting the tweets onto a screen behind the stage.

WO: All three producers are going to share the hosting duties, correct? How will you guys be splitting that up?

Well, initially Brandon and Dave were set to co-host. Honestly, I think three hosts is a bit crowded. But a few days ago Dave texted me and asked whether I’d be comfortable possibly replacing Brandon. The same day Brandon called and begged me to replace Dave. So yes, all three of us will be sharing hosting duties, and we will be allocating those duties according to who is the least butt-hurt at any given moment.

Full disclosure: Brandon and Dave aren’t currently on speaking terms. They had a blowup when we visited the venue, PhilaMOCA, the other day, in which Dave got so mad he stormed off into a North Philly sunset, abandoning his own car on Spring Garden with Brandon and me still sitting in it. Brandon said he was proud of Dave for finally standing up for himself. Then he stole Dave’s spark plugs, and we took the Broad Street Line back.

WO: Have you ever had a nervous breakdown? And/or do you expect/hope to have one by the end of this show?

RC: Do I hope to have a nervous breakdown? Sure, the same way I enjoy grinding my teeth in my sleep. Lady, this is my life. But yes, putting together this show has been a major stressor. Odds are that by show time we’ll all pull together under the symbol of mental instability for laughs, but I want it on the record that organizing this hasn’t been pleasant and the experience is getting filed under the broad category of suffering for one’s art.

Other odds associated with the show:
3.5-1 The comics band together and storm the projector to stop Steve Miller-Miller’s tweets.
4-1 Dave secretly hopes that Brandon cuts himself.
10-1 Brandon cuts himself.
15-1 Brandon cuts himself, and it turns out to be hilarious.
30-1 Dave gets his spark plugs back.
100-1 People make love in the aisles during the show.
1000-1 The people making love in the aisle aren’t two desperate comedians.
Even money someone cries.

Nervous Breakdown’ is this Friday, March 15th at PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th Street) at 8PM. Admission is $10.

Beirdo CIF Fundraiser

Description: Beirdo was accepted to the Chicago Improv Festival! We want to put on this great show as a fundraiser for our trip. Help us represent Philly in Chicago!

You’ll see:

STAND UP from the very funny Alex Pearlman.

SKETCH from the über talented fellas of The Stonewall Players

IMPROV by the infamous Bad James!

IMPROV by up-and-comers Cake Bear.

HOSTED by Brendan Keegan, who has hit the ground running in the Philly comedy scene!!

IMPROV by Beirdo (with a potential twist)

RAFFLE: There will be tickets available for local theater, improv coaching & perks, museums, the zoo, merchandise from Johnson & Johnson and more to bid on. Stay tuned!

Style: Variety

Date: March 29

Time: 8:00pm

Admission: $10

Location: The Arts Parlor – 1170 S. Broad St.

Contact: Facebook Event