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“We Named the Show after My Mom’s Favorite Wastebasket on Our Trailer” – Interview with Mike Baurer and Garrett Smith of Trailer Trash Podcast

Hey there, podcast fans! Looking for something new to listen to? Mike Baurer and Garrett Smith have just the thing for ya: the Trailer Trash Podcast. But don’t take our word for it—here they are to tell you all about it.

WitOut: The Trailer Trash Podcast, eh? How did you guys settle on that name? Should we infer that the two of you are trailer trash, or is it strictly a reference to the fact that the podcast focuses on movie trailers?

Garret Smith: Well anyone that has ever seen Mike knows that he’s probably more of a hillbilly than he is trailer trash. I don’t wanna insult the guy by saying he lives in a trailer, ’cause he actually has a shack that he built for himself out of scrap metal and stolen Home Depot supplies. And I myself am far too cultured to be considered trailer trash, even though I grew up on a tractor trailer, endlessly making its way from Oregon to Pennsylvania and back again. Due to a federal mandate, I’m not allowed to speak of its cargo, but let’s just say if you’ve ever found yourself standing in the middle of a field holding a bloody shovel and an empty bag of angel dust, you have my family to thank. We actually named the show after my mom’s favorite wastebasket on our trailer.

Mike Baurer: Actually, the name came about after a night of drinking. I was at the El Bar with a few of my friends and I was throwing out names and ideas for a new podcast I could start. Trailer Trash happened to be one of them. The idea was to rate upcoming movie trailers as if they were the movie themselves. Trailers are supposed to sell you the movie and get you to the theater, but some trailers are so bad that I can’t fathom why people would go see them at all. So I tossed the idea around for a bit and finally pitched it to Garrett back in June of 2012 and we recorded our first episode on The Perks of Being a Wallflower and threw it up online just too see what would come of it. After a few months of not recording anything I went to check the stats of the episode and to my surprise we had almost 700 downloads in like four months. I sent Garrett a text and said we need to do more.

WO: How did you come up with the format for the show? And whose idea was it to have local comedians on as your guests?

GS: The format is a mash-up up of all of Baurer’s favorite podcasts because he’s completely devoid of original ideas. However, the brilliance of that is our podcast is actually better than any of the podcasts we rip off, because it’s all the best elements of your favorite shows wrapped up into one much shorter show. I can’t tell what you’re implying with the second part of this question. If the implication is you like the guests, then I came up with that. If you find it annoying that you hear the same 30 people you’re out with every night of the week, then it was Baurer’s idea.

MB: Okay, I guess I’ll just put it out there…The show was all my idea. The title, the format and the idea to have the local comedians on the show, it was all my idea. Garrett kind of rides on my coat tails when it comes to this but it’s quite all right because I can make him do whatever I want while we are recording. Have you heard his impressions? No? You should because they are horrible.

WO: You’ve had some really fantastic comedians on the show: Chip Chantry, Alex Grubard and Sidney Gantt, just to name a few.  Who else do you have coming up on the schedule, and how did you select ‘em?

GS: If you’ve listened to the show, you know that Baurer and I will lock our guests in our studio for an entire week and record a new episode every two days or so. We find that the best comedy comes from starvation and utter desperation. What we haven’t let the audience in on yet, so this is quite the exclusive, is we’ve actually been kidnapping comedians for the last 6 months or so and housing them in Baurer’s scrap metal shanty. So if you’re curious as to who our upcoming guests will be, just take a look around at your next open mic, if there’s someone you’re not seeing who you expected to, they’re probably an upcoming guest on Trailer Trash.

MB: Coming up we have Joe Bell, Alex Pearlman, Aaron Nevins, Robert X, Doogie Horner, oh and Alison Zeidman! We don’t really have a way of selecting our guests.  We kind of just grab people that we find interesting to get to know more about them!

WO: Mike, you also run Folk You Philly, a blog that covers the folk music scene. Do you see the Trailer Trash Podcast as an extension of and/or complement to that site?

MB:  I don’t really see Trailer Trash as an extension of Folk You Philly. At first I was posting the episodes on both sites to get more downloads but it started to become too much work for one person. I do see in the near future both sites working together again, when I have the time to redesign the website.

WO: Folk You Philly recently announced that you’re trying to raise money for a new recording studio space, which would also benefit the Trailer Trash Podcast. Can you talk about some of the plans and goals you envision for that space, and what other ways people might be able to help the site and the ‘cast, if they can’t afford to throw you any greenbacks?

GS: Well the plan right now is to continue kidnapping our favorite comics from around the city. I’m personally hoping that I’ll be able to buy back my family’s old tractor trailer with some of this money and use it to branch out to other city’ and grab up some of their best open micers. If people would like to help us in this endeavor but can’t afford to donate, we’d really appreciate any kidnapping materials they might be able to send our way. Duct tape, chloroform, rope, unmarked vans, letters cut from magazines to assemble ransom notes with. This would be a big help.

MB: The goal of trying to set up a small in-house studio was to produce more audio entertainment, not just Trailer Trash. I wanted to bring back the Folk You Philly podcast and to bring on new local comedy podcasts. I am a huge fan of the Earwolf network, which is produced by Scott Aukerman of Comedy Bang! Bang! His network produces so many great shows and I wanted to follow in his steps and do that for Philadelphia. I think this city has so many wonderful and talented artists that can produce amazing content.

Podcasts are a blossoming format and it is the easiest way to provide free entertainment to a large audience. So why stop with only one? What I gathered since I started hanging around comedians and musicians is that everyone helps each other as best they can, and I would love to expand on that by producing shows and promoting anything and everything I can.

Since it doesn’t look like we are going to make our goal of raising the money I would have hoped to raise, Garrett and I are going to drop some cash to get started and I will be adding equipment as we go. That way we can produce a better sounding show each week. We spend so much time behind a mic recording, from three episodes for each guest to sometimes recording back-to-back days. The time adds up, but if we don’t have the quality sound we can lose listeners and that isn’t something anyone wants.

As for supporting us, I can only ask everyone who listens to the show to keep listening and sending us feedback on what they like or don’t like, and to listen to every episode, even the ones of guests you may not have heard about before. For example we recently had on comedian Patrick Graves, who I’ve never spoken with prior to recording the episodes, but we had some amazing discussions about growing up and battling inner demons and they will end up going down as one of the best conversations I have ever had.  And I think Garrett would agree.


Well how ’bout that! That’s all for now, podcast fans. Keep up with the Trailer Trash boys at http://trailertrashpodcast.wordpress.com/. There are new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

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