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The Nominees for the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy Are…

Aaron Hertzog
Chip Chantry
James Hesky
Doogie Horner
Darryl Charles

The Feeko Brothers
Camp Woods
Secret Pants
The Flat Earth

The Amie & Kristen Show/ Kristen & Amie Show
Kait & Andrew
Hey Rube

Baby Driving (Doogie Horner)
First Guy in the World/ Netflix (Aaron Hertzog)
Wedding Planning (Pat Barker)
Left Handed (Dan Scully)
Tycho Brahe (Alex Pearlman)

The Outlier (Camp Woods)
The Return of Pat Burrell (Bird Text)
Rollersketch Presents “Johnny Fifties” (Secret Pants)
Mystery Science Andre 3000 (Camp Woods)
The Incredible Imbroglione (Secret Pants)

Luke Field
Andrew Stanton
Dennis Trafny
Alex Newman
Darryl Charles

Jess Ross
Kristen Schier
Emily Davis
Maggy Keegan
Amie Roe

Camp Woods Plus
The Theme Show
Reasonable Discourse With Jerks
The Monthly Hour with James Hesky
Guilty Pleasures

The Improvised B-Movie Double Feature (Asteroid!)
Fringe Festival Sketch Revue (The Flat Earth)
ProMania 2K12 (PHIT Fringe Festival)
Myths & Monsters (PHIT Fringe Festival)
The David Lynch Show (Camp Woods and Secret Pants)

Gettin’ Close with Mike Marbach
Super Crappy Funtime
Bob & Dave are Terrible People

Chip Chantry (@ChipChantry)
Jim Grammond (@jgrammond)
Mary Radzinski (@MaryRadzinski)
John Kensil (@johnkensil)
Christian Alsis (@christianalsis)

Laughs on Fairmount
Sketch Up or Shut Up
Center City Comedy
Tight Six
Accidents Will Happen

Hot Dish
Daring Daulton
The Flat Earth
American Breakfast

Voting is open now until December 21 to comedy performers and the general public (so promote away, comedians, tell your friends to visit WitOut!) Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!

Tickets to the show and after-party will be on sale online via World Cafe Live. All tickets include free admission to the after-party and one free Narragansett beer.

83 comments to The Nominees for the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy Are…

  • Hilary Kissinger

    You had me at “one free Narragansett beer”

  • Jack

    As someone from a different improv scene (but roughly the size of Philly’s), I’m curious how this plays out. Do folks appreciate these awards, or does it push folks, and the scene in general, to start getting competitive, jealous, and petty?

  • Marty

    Competitive, jealous and petty mostly.

  • […] event will be held on Sunday, January 13th at 6PM at World Cafe Live. Head over to the WitOut site to cast your votes and grab your tickets! This entry was posted in Posts by ralph. Bookmark […]

  • Jack – I think what Marty said does not represent the overall opinion of the comedy scene in Philly about the awards show. Some people may feel left out or get jealous but mostly the scene here is incredibly supportive of the WitOut Awards and do not take it too seriously. The awards are promoted as a way to raise awareness among the public of all the great comedy that there is in Philly and the show itself is a parody of awards shows. It does not take itself seriously. The ones that get jealous or competitive really don’t know what the spirit of the awards (promotion, fun, parody) truly is.

  • Andrew

    Here’s the thing: the awards are “supposed” to be carefree and fun, but they aren’t. They become competitive and in reality, they isolate and exclude a large portion of the community. Over the last few years, the Philly Comedy and Improv scene has become extremely cliquey and while it claims that it’s supportive, the reality is that it’s only supportive to a handful of people. You want a suggestion? Maybe not make this an award show but just a big party to celebrate EVERYONE and not just those who voted themselves and their friends in.

  • Amie

    Everyone should just have one Naragansett beer and talk this through calmly.

  • IThe nominations are open to EVERYONE who performs and writes and produces comedy in Philadelphia (from open mic-ers to professionals) so anyone that performs can nominate their favorite things. If anything, being cliquey hurts you – because the more things you are involved in the more people you know and the better chance you have to get nominated for something. Branching out and being inclusive helps people to get nominated. And the awards themselves aren’t the most important part of what this show is about – it’s about celebrating all of the comedy in Philly. People who get caught up in who “wins” are focusing on the wrong part of this. “Winning” is raising awareness to the PUBLIC that there are great comedy shows and performers in Philly and that comedy fans have a lot of shows that they can go out and see right here in their own city.

  • im paying the 20 bucks just to pull the fire alarm as soon as the show starts

  • are african americans and other non white groups allowed into this show?
    just curious because the nominations look like a kkk rally

  • As a person that is neutral on awards shows. I’ll say this, even if you feel like this award show is insular and just friends voting in and voting for friends, you can’t deny that as Aaron says, “promotion, fun, parody” also take place. Neither side of this argument has to agree with the other side of this argument. You’re both ignoring the reality and facts that take away from your perspective and rightfully so. One of you sees the show for its benefit and the other sees it only for what can be considered bad about it. But as a person who was not nominated for a WitOut or a WitIn for that matter, I still benefit from a stronger Philly Comedy Scene because I do a monthly show that’s primarily booked pulling from the talented comics of the philly comedy scene. And those comics are able to become talented because there are enough rooms in philly to build talent quickly. I don’t support either one of them but I whole heartedly support them both.

  • Danny

    You know, given the negative content of the above posts, I’m beginning to suspect you’re really not Mohandas Ghandi.

  • Hilary Kissinger

    Amie wins this thread.

  • I’d also like to add that there should be an award for Best Website.

  • grand dragon

    are caucasian american and other white groups allowed into this show?
    just curious because the nominations look like a feminist/pro-zionist rally.

  • 69LuverXXX

    Lets all agree anonymous Internet posts are the best way to solve problems.

  • red 5

    are pro-jedi and other galactic republic groups allowed into this show?
    just curious because the nominations look like an empire rally.

  • the funniest thing about these awards is that 99 percent of the folks nominated wont be doing comedy in 3 yrs. they will be rotting in cubicles and spinning yarns about their “comedy career” to their shitty little kids

  • Facts

    378 people like this.

    Number substantially less than that whining on the internet about it.

  • James Hesky

    Oops, I tried to go to the Witout page and accidentally ended up on Reddit

  • cry baby

    Someone is bitter. Grow up.

  • JimJAM

    That is funny, realitycheck!

  • Brackley Bed

    Mistakes tend to occur.

  • Andrew

    Sidney and Aaron – I totally agree with some points that you mention. My point is that a community shouldn’t be exclusive and that is shouldn’t be cliquey, which is why I suggested that you just do a huge party to celebrate the community as a whole rather than an award show. Say that the award show is just for fun (and maybe it is as far as your intention) but that may not be the reality for others in the room. Aaron- totally agree about raising awareness to the public but if the audience is entirely made up of us and not the public, then are we really winning? Totally not meaning to be an ass here, but after last year’s show and seeing people obnoxiously complaining to everyone in sight that they didn’t win, I would just love to see this event as something that brought everyone together to celebrate comedy rather than excluding anyone.

  • H Foley Rodrigez

    I can’t wait to put on a fresh pair of skinny jeans for the show! Ai Papi!

  • Facts

    Thinking someone is not the funniest is not the same as excluding them.

  • Facts

    Over 400 people now like the awards.

    Still same number of people whining.

  • Aaron

    Andrew, we can throw a party for ourselves any time. That won’t drum up public interest. An award show is a better chance at doing that. Look how worked up some people are getting over it. It does create (what should be a healthy) discussion about all of the great comedy that goes on in Philly. Are people surprised that some people didn’t get nominated? Good! That means there are more than FIVE good options to pick in each category and the fact that it’s a hard thing to narrow down is good. Again, I’m going to say this, anybody who COMPLAINS that they didn’t win one of these awards just doesn’t get it! As far as the audience being made up by us and not the public – that’s exactly what we are trying to work on – getting the public involved. Hopefully this happens in people’s heads: “Hey, there are AWARDS for comedy in Philly…there must be a lot of comedy in Philly…I like comedy…I should check out more comedy shows in Philly.”

  • Kevin James Ryan

    Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  • Facts

    Kevin James Ryan is my favorite fake name in this thread so far.

  • Logan

    Kevin James Ryan sweats everything.

  • The Real Kevin James Ryan

    You guys are all great.

  • Hulk Logan


  • Logan

    On the real thoguh if you’re upset about not winning because a scene is “cliquey” than start your own click and give yourself all of the awards. It’s about the same thing.

  • James Hesky

    I’m against the awards. Also, I think every show should have around ten comedians and everyone should do the same amount of time no matter how much experience you have. Because we’re all equal snowflakes.

  • Pizza Yost

    I’m half pepperoni, half sausage.

  • cry baby

    I just poo pooed my pants from crying so hard.

  • HugginItOut

    I totally agree that we should tiptoe around the feelings of some and avoid celebrating the accomplishments of the Philadelphia comedy community at large because it hurts my feelings. And we should absolutely not acknowledge or showcase quality work because it’s so cliquey and may have the annoying side effect of pushing people to work harder and do better stuff. Take that go-getter attitude to New York, buster. We’re all friends here!

  • Pizza Yost

    When I’m hot, everybody wants a slice. But nobody likes cold pizza.

  • Hilary Kissinger

    I’m excited for the awards, but it’s also good to remember that it’s a total crapshoot, and a combination of talent/popularity/visibility/luck/good timing/and other random factors is what gets people nominated.

    Everyone with an opinion against the awards are not necessarily jealous/petty/less funny people. Some folks have legitimate questions about how best to promote comedy in the city, and the fact that people feel like the community is not as inclusive as it could be should not be dismissed out of hand because we feel good about ourselves.

    But also, let’s not rain on people’s parade who have worked really hard (as have a lot of people who were not nominated, for sure) and turn an earnest attempt to celebrate that work into something negative and contentious. I wasn’t at the show last year, but hopefully it’s all bits and parody anyway. Cynicism is exhausting.

  • One Free Narragansett Beer

    Did everyone forget about me?

  • Alex Grubear

    I don’t have any HONEY!

  • Mike Rainey

    Andrew, stop being such a whiny pussy. The awards are a fun opportunity for everyone to get together, party and goof around. As a stand-up comedian, I couldn’t disagree more with your cliquish assessment. This isn’t high school. Interact with different people and they’ll probably talk to you as well. Grow up and use your real name if you are going to be such a fuckstick.

  • Lindsey Logan

    Whiskey and drugs and several groups of people wishing I would just stop.

  • Aaron Werner Hertzog

    HEY EVERYBODY! This conflict once again reminds us of the ever growing struggle of Man vs. NATURE!

  • Kevin James Ryan Shaner

    I don’t know where I’m going with this one.

  • Baron Hertzog

    I wonder who the first guy to speak out against me was? Just walkin through the woods.

  • KUDOS to Everyone Who’s Been Nominated!! Let’s Keep PUSHIN’ THE FUNNY for 2013 and Beyond! Here’s Hoping Jim Grammond Wins The Tweet Award…I Just Followed Him Recently (’cause his FB posts always seem Twitter-ish) and ummm Yeah, He’s got my vote!


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