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Stand-up Fashionista with Joe Moore: The Roast of Brendan Kennedy

Lots of people will be talking about the things that went down at last night’s roast of Brendan Kennedy. Brendan is leaving for LA soon, and the roast provided an opportunity for the Philadelphia comedy community to air out their dirty laundry live and on stage.

Speaking of laundry, below is a description of what everyone was wearing during the roast last night.

Benny Michaels РBlack suit jacket over a white  and grey vertical-striped shirt unbuttoned at the top, a brown undershirt, black shoes
Rob Baniewicz – Red and white picnic blanket-style checkered shirt, black jacket, black jeans, black shoes
Alex Pearlman – Grey double-breasted cardigan with black buttons, purple dress shirt untucked with a black tie, blue jeans, black shoes
Jess Ross – Green dress, green beaded necklace, black leggings, black boots
Roger C Snair – Black pants, dark brown long-sleeve henley shirt, dark green/brown/light green wide-brimmed hat, black shoes
Shannon Brown – Black blouse, blue jeans, necklace with a locket, black shoes
Doogie Horner – Grey over-shirt with a black untucked T-shirt underneath with the words ‘THE DEAD MILKMEN” in white lettering and a white cartoon of a cow, light blue jeans, aquamarine shoes with white soles
Christian Alsis – Dark blue hoodie sweatshirt zipped three quarters of the way, blue and white checkered undershirt, white T-shirt just visible at the neckline, blue jeans, dark shoes
Michael Rainey – Black henley-style long-sleeved shirt, black jeans, brown shoes with no laces
Joey Dougherty – Red and black untucked checkered shirt, black jeans with cuffs, light brown leather shoes with darker brown laces
Greg Maughan – Blue, black and white plaid shirt, black khakis, black shoes, silver wrist watch on the left wrist
Jim Grammond – Three-quarter sleeve untucked ringer baseball T-shirt with red sleeves, grey chest and back, the words “RED FANG” in red blood-splatter-esque lettering above a white skull of a saber-toothed tiger, sleeves rolled about 2 inches, blue jeans, black shoes
Brian Craig – Blue and white plaid untucked shirt, sleeves rolled to the elbows, blue jeans, brown shoes
Brendan Kennedy – Dark blue jeans, blue button-down shirt (unbuttoned) over a navy blue henley style long-sleeve shirt with a grey T-shirt just visible at the collar, black jeans, black shoes

Joe Moore is a writer for PHIT House Sketch Team Dog Mountain and an online fashion guy.

27 comments to Stand-up Fashionista with Joe Moore: The Roast of Brendan Kennedy

  • Angry

    I was in the audience and I think it is extremely cliquey of you to not review what I WORE last night!

  • Mr. On'ry

    Why do we only roast people who are leaving. I want a roast. How about we roast everybody so I can have a roast!!!!! Why are these people the only people who could be on a dais for a roast!!?!

  • Ted

    Hello I am from out of town and was wondering how these roasts are received. Do people say bad things about each other and make people mad or do people say nice things and are happy? Also does Jeff Ross go to them? Thanks.

    Ted :-*

  • Fred

    Hey Ted,

    Mostly Jeff Ross comes and people say mean things. Really polarizes the room, but makes you think about life from a new perspective, like buying a new car.

    Couldn’t help but notice how similar our names are. Fred and Ted. Pretty neat huh? I guess the internet is a strange place.

    Anyways, if you ever need to buy a new car, drop me a line sometime.


  • Gilly

    Joe Moore is a dumb jerk.

    Gilly isn’t my real name LOL!


  • Mike (Gilly)


  • Ted

    Interesting. I will have a roast because it looks like fun and I like Jeff Ross.

    Also, how do I get in contact you if I’d like a new car.

    –Ted :-*

  • Booogerman55

    Hey nerds! haha Eat it!
    Haha u sux.

  • Boogerman56

    Joe Moore has a glum smirk

  • Oh my goodness! Look what I started!!

    There are a lot of people that don’t care about what comics in Philly wear. Not because they are mean, or they don’t like us, but because they didn’t even know people were on stages, performing and wearing clothes! If I can do anything to get things like this visible, I’d like to do it. Because I think the comedians in Philly are pretty cool and wear pretty cool clothes. I like that every night of the week, even if I can’t be there, there are funny people on stages wearing clothes. I know it’s there, I know it’s going on, and I know somewhere in Philadelphia someone is doing something commendable while wearing clothes.

    If you are burnt by not having your clothes reviewed,I think you might have missed the point of this review completely. I think you are GREAT and this actually wasn’t really about reviewing clothes.

    This was just supposed to be a silly way to talk about something special that from last night, so people could see it, and know it was/is happened/happening. I mean, I think the reason all these people got together and wore clothes on a stage is because they see value in the people they are. I meant this post as a celebration of that, and I didn’t mean to exclude anyone, or point anyone out for wearing better clothes than anyone else. I just wanted to capture a part of the fun time we all had and put it up there for people to see.

    I apologize if anyone truly feels discouraged by the fact that I didn’t review what clothes they wore last night. If you feel bad, please let me know – maybe we can try to eat pizza together so I can interview you and post it here.



    PS: Fred, please don’t steal my signature

  • Fred

    Sorry Ted. If you’d like a new car, look me up in the phone book. i’m in there under Fred.

    Also, sorry Joe. You are right. But Geoff is also right too. You are a dork.



  • Slammer

    Hey Joe, Guess what I’m wearing…. Your mom! OHHHHH

  • Man you guys are pretty mean.

    Dork? My mom?

    No one reads this stuff anyway. But it still hurts.


  • Yeah guys, everyone calm down.

  • Boogerman58

    Yeah guys, ease up on him.

    He’s just a dork.

  • Thanks Boogerman58, I apprec… Hey!

  • Good afternoon Joe!

    This is your former high school vice principal Philip Reitsberg. I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I agree with most of what’s written above. You are a jerk, through and through, and I think is great that you are putting yourself out there on the internet so all of these people can say so.

    Kudos, and don’t ever come back to visit. No one here likes you either.

    Go Scrappers,

  • Slammer

    Y did Washinton cross the deleware?

    Joe’s mom! OHHHH

  • Ted

    I called the local rotary club in my similarly-sized community and we are going to have a roast. Jeff Ross said he is in. We are going to roast one of the mayor’s children who is about 12 years old. I think it will be great!

    Would you be willing to come and write what people wear, Joe? I think it would be great for the free weekly. We can discuss payment, but I believe it is fair to say we will reward you upwards of $100,000.

    I have a 98′ Chrysler Convertible with 213,000+ miles – will that get me good trade in Fred?

    –Ted :-*

  • Boogerman59

    Why doesn’t this website let us pick our own user names? I mean, Boogerman wasn’t even that clever the first few times, this time isn’t much better.

    Joe sux ha!


  • Boogerman61

    Uh-oh, we need a clean-up on aisle 3, some dork is losing it!

  • Fred

    Not too shabby Ted, that was a great year convertibles. I’d quote it at around $2,000 or so, depending on how it looks under the hood.

    Joe, please quiet down the posts here, I’m trying to conduct business.



  • Boogerman60

    Hey, what about me!?

  • Alex


    Can you wear clothes while in the process of buying a car? What color tie should I wear for a sedan?


    The Original Boogerman

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